Silea Broertjes: If you really want something, go for it!

Dutch rising star Silea Broertjes (19) ended up 7th fittest woman in the Open in her country this year. Reason for us to sit down with her and ask her some questions.

As a child she already was a well gifted gymnast and rode horses in her spare time. “Besides Crossfit I like to relax and chill with friends. I like to be outside walking my dog for example.”

Famous Dutch gymnast Epke Zonderland inspired her most when she was a child. “He went to the Olympics and as a child I wanted to go to the Olympics as well.” That’s the kind of motivation she displays in Crossfit nowadays. Being young, talented and working very hard in the sport of fitness enables her to chase her dreams.

What’s the first thing you do in the morning? “I need to pee right away from all the Nocco I drank” the Nocco-athlete jokes.

What city would you recommend others to visit? “As a child we went to France on holiday every year. Every city in this beautiful country is worth a visit.”

Okay, some dillema’s. You have to choose:

Camping or Hotel: “Camping”
Instagram or Snapchat: “Instagram”
Backstreet Boys or N sync: “N sync”
Batman or the joker: “Batman”
Chocolate or winegums: “I don’t like candy, but if I have to choose then chocolate.”

A day in the life of Sara Sigmundsdottir is her favourite YouTube video:

What are your weekend plans? “This weekend I take my Crossfit Level1 course.” We’d like to know if there’s something you’d never do. She thinks a bit, “I’d never lie to my parents”. She can’t remember what was the last time she was drunk. As an young elite athlete we can imagine this is the best answer.

If you found a lamp with a genie and could three wishes, what would the be?
“I would like to go the Crossfit Games, I would like to be a good mother when I get kids and lastly I want to be healthy all my life”. She confirms that’s also the correct order for her wishes.

Thanks for your time Silea! Good luck with your Level1 and further Crossfit career. We’ll keep following you! As we’ll continue these interviews coming months we’ll ask your friend and fellow athlete Natalie Markus on your behalf to have a chat with us next time.

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