The CrossFit season and all its changes

To say the CrossFit world was shocked with all the changes is an understatement. The move to focus on the health side of the sports’ spectrum came as a surprise for most of us. The following months shocked us with sacking the media staff at mass. All the familiar faces we got to know the last couple of years on the update show were replaced by an old man doing workout on his 1970’s sitcom couch.

Qualifying for the games

Furthermore CrossFit HQ drastically changed the season format. Where before we had the Open followed by the regionals and the Games. We moved over to qualification through sanctioned events (first place finish results in a ticket to the games), the open (the top 20 and national champions). This had great impact on the all the professional athletes who dealt with great uncertainty on how they would be able to qualify for the games.

Media Coverage

Fans and followers of the sport felt the massive changes as well. We all felt a great deal of empathy for the media team who had been building on an impressive professionally media coverage as the sport grew. The open, regionals and the games as climax of the season always was widely covered. Now that we are left with the shattered pieces, the Sanctionals themselves are responsible for taking care of the media coverage. Resulting in subpar quality, making it hard to follow the competitions from the comfort of your own house. As this article is written it is not yet certain how the games will be covered and who will be responsible.

Hope glimmers

As we stumbled for the first couple of months trying to figure out what more was to come from people pulling the strings at CrossFit HQ. Now there’s hope!
Tommy Marquez and Sean Woodland started a podcast and YouTube channel called Inside Elite Fitness. The former CrossFit employees were primarily known as a part of the front facing media on the Update show on YouTube. The people who were mainly responsible for the epic footage we enjoyed of the games Marston Sawyers and Heber Canon now have a YouTube channel called The Buttery Bros. Giving us a lot of content in very high quality that is to be expected from these fine gentleman.

With the season still in full swing there are quite a number of sanctionals still coming up the coming months and a lot of top athletes still looking for that ticket, before we head over to the games in August.

Photocredits: crossfit.com

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