Natalie Markus: Life is short buy the shoes

Next in our athlete interview series is Natalie Markus (31) from The Netherlands.

As a child she did competitive trampolining from her 8th to when she turned 18. “Nowadays I like to go out for dinner (I love good food) with my boyfriend or girlfriends. In the summer I like to go to the beach and wake boarding. Of course I like to shop online and relax!”

What’s your favourite city? “I love New York city because it looks like you’re in a movie. The people are so extremely friendly! I don’t know if it’s real or fake, but who cares. Everything is so big. It’s a Nice city”. She also recommends Curaçao and Bali to relax. “The people on Bali are also very kind and it is very beautiful.”

You have to choose:
Backpacking or all inclusive: “all inclusive”
Netflix or Youtube: “Netflix, I don’t watch YouTube often.”
DJ Paul or Martin Garrix : “DJ Paul Elstak”
Junglebook or Alladin : “very difficult, I love Disney movies! Hmmm Jungle book!”
Cotton candy or m&m’s: “definitely m&m’s (peanut)!”

“This weekend I will train with my friend Silea Broertjes, she will kick my ass on the workouts! It’s gonna be a fun weekend though!”
Natalie will never go skydiving. “Never! End of story!”.
The last time I was drunk she wore a dress with pumps “I never wear a dress with pumps, I’m a sneakergirl! But it was a very nice party with friends.”

About the genie she won’t tell us her 3 wishes, “otherwise they won’t come out” she jokes.

Thanks for your answers Natalie. On your behalf we’ll now ask Demi Bosma some questions because she is your “cute little friend and a great athlete”.

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