Demi Bosma: Respect all, fear none

Fittest teen of The Netherlands 2018 Demi Bosma is only 16 years old.

She’s going to school (5Havo) “After school I am at the box Crossfit 2712. Besides that you’ll find me hang out with friends or work as cashier in a large supermarket.” When she isn’t in the box she likes shopping, having dinner with friends or see a movie. The life objective of this young talented athlete is “respect all, fear none”.

Like Natalie Markus (who suggested us to interview Demi) she jumped the trampoline as a sport when she was younger. She recommends Spain as a holiday “because of the sun, the Spanish music, culture and the good vibes”.

What are the first things you do when you wake up? “Take a shower and make my food for the rest of the day.”.

You have to chose one of these dilemma’s:
Day or night: “Night”
Spotify or Soundcloud: “Spotify”
David Guetta or Post Malone: “David Guetta”
The walking dead or the umbrella company: “None! My favourite series is Friends” 😉
Ben and Jerry’s or Breyers: “B&J’s”.

Her favourite YouTube video? Hold on:

Not surprisingly her favourite artist on Spotify is Justin Bieber, “I really like all of his albums!”.

She has 3 main wishes she wants the genie to make come true. She wants to skydive, bungee-jump and pass her exam. We think this young daredevil has time enough to make this happen.

As a fellow Dutch teen athlete she wants us to interview Sterre Dillo next. Thanks for your answers Demi! Good luck with your exams and further CrossFit career.

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