New platform transforms the sport of functional fitness

Challenge your friends, sport buddies and the rest of the world to a sporty duel. What drives many of us is to challenge others, it pushes us to go even harder during a workout.

There’s nothing more fun then winning… except winning from your friends. This fact has been built into a platform where one can battle a 1-on-1 challenge in a digital environment. Challenge each other to get better yourself. The sportive and challenging platform Revenge Competition is live.

It all started as a note on a napkin and resulted in a new online sports platform. That’s how it began more than one year ago during dinner with friends. They all shared a passion for Crossfit and trained together for some years. “The idea for an online ladder competition, which is well known in other sports wasn’t available for functional fitness.” says Eric Vincken, co-founder of the platform. “We met and discussed a lot until the idea became a plan. We gathered the right people around us to make it happen.”

The idea developed for an online competition in which people have to perform a workout in a given time frame in their own box or gym. This way you climb up the ladder. Eventually winners will be crowned. “As an athlete your goal is to end-up and stay in the highest level possible. Challenging someone can result in moving up, being challenged means you’ve to defend your spot. Playing offensive will pay off” Eric explains.

A solid and easy to use web app is the base of the competition. Roy van de Water, together with Eric and Martijn Ploeger founders of the platform: “In a multidisciplinary development team we constantly work on improving the web app. Me leading the development team in the right direction and Eric and Martijn from a commercial perspective.”

Our goal is to connect athletes, boxes and partners from all over the world to our platform. The competition is explained further on www.revengecompetition.com.

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