Revenge workouts and my first experience

Training for yourself can be a strain. Where to find the time to workout? It can be hard to drag yourself to the gym and create a balanced workout. This is where Revenge Competition can come to your rescue. Challenging yourself and more important those pesky fit friend of yours.

As I embarked on my revenge journey I virtually ran into my friend Roy and challenged him to a friendly duel. The revenge app easily lets me browse to the same level or next level opponents and lets you challenge them. Your opponent receives a notification in the app and in his email. Now the challenge was on!

Most workouts are short and fun so it can fit in with your regular training. Or you can stack together multiple Revenge workouts in a single session to gain or lose levels in multiple tournaments. The workout I had to do was a 6 min AMRAP with deadlifts, high boxjumps and kettlebell swings. Nothing too heavy and nothing in my wheel house. I completed the workout in our open gym after doing some isolated work on weaker muscle groups. It is always surprising how tired you can get from a short amrap at high intensity. I completed 2-and-a-half-ish round and filled in my score (turned out I filled in a lower score then I actually got, damn postwod brain!).

Now I had to wait for the score of my opponent to come in. Two days later I got a notification in the app. I lost the challenge by 3 reps, so close! I quickly challenged my opponent again. I was definitely going to beat him this time!

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