Can’t find the time to be competitive

Believe us, we have heard all the reasons which are keeping you from competing on the level you deserve! Revenge competition is here!

Revenge competition is a short and fun action packed program. Challenges are sent and accepted online, workouts take a maximum of 15 minutes and can be completed as a warm-up for your regular WOD. Or after your strength program to function as a short fun finisher.

Always dreamt of competing against your sporty friends? Well the wait is over. Revenge Competition is here to spice up your training. Whilst competing from the safety of your own box, you can be crowned the best in your box, region, gender or age group or whatever group you fancy.

  • The magic is in our online app which provides easy access to your competition and challenges, on all mobile devices!
  • The science is in the hunger for bettering yourself in a competitive environment.
  • The art is in our short and fun workouts which scale along your fitness level.
  • The fun is in the community and battling it out with your friends.

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