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How it started

Our Mission

Revenge Competition is a worldwide online ladder competition. We’re a functional fitness platform that is and remains innovative. Participants participate at their own level because tournaments are divided into 5 levels.

Revenge Competition offers athletes of all levels a way to be competitively with other athletes in the same tournament. The platform is intuitive, attractive and affordable and therefore an alternative to the conventional tournaments and throwdowns we already know. Everyone can participate, we do not exclude anyone. The application is available 365/24/7 from all over the world.

By challenging other athletes one level above, you contribute to your and your opponents growth and development. Awarding prizes rewards and motivates people on their way to the top. These prizes come from our sponsors.

Participants win prizes at their own level. Everyone can win. A challenge against one of your buddies or someone on the other side of the world is 1 click away.

Our goal is to contribute to the general fitness, growth and especially pleasure of participants, regardless of their level.

The Team

The team behind the Revenge Competition is hooked to Crossfit. We started the ladder competition to solve several challenges the sport of functional fitness is facing both locally as well as globally.

We all know the many online qualifiers, local throwdowns or battles as classic CrossFit tournament types. So we wanted to be creative and came up with a system that is comprehensive, still easy to understand and has proven to work in other sports.

We built on the idea of a ladder structure. This structure immediately solves some of the most important challenges the sport was facing. This enables athletes of all levels to be competitive in one competition.

Within the structure we created levels with increasing difficulty. Every new challenge results in a random selected short workout you have to perform in your own box or gym. The ultimate goal is to beat your opponent and climb the ladder.


I have been active in the sports world from an early age and that is why I am quite competitive. I have done a number of different sports, two of which were at a high level: judo until I was 16 and then premier league handball. Two very different sports; the one depending on yourself and the other on a team. This has made me the person I am: entrepreneurial, hard-working and a team player.

Since 2014 I have been the owner of “Team Victrix”, a CrossFit box in Alkmaar. Here I guide people to a fitter lifestyle with passion. In a few years we have grown into a performance centre where everyone, regardless of age and level, can go.

Revenge Competition is a perfect connection to this. Both at Team Victrix and at Revenge Competition we help people to get out of their comfort zone, we give them the opportunity to exercise competitively at their own level and we challenge people to bring out the best in themselves and in each other.

See you soon in the Competition!


My roots are in the neighbourhood of Rotterdam. ‘klauwen uit de mouwen’ are of paramount importance in this region. This means “don’t talk too much, but get it done.”
After my education I quickly started working as an account manager. I find it a challenge to turn a new or existing business into a successful and growing company. The last 12 years I have been able to do this 3 times successfully and now I will do this for the Revenge Competition.

My goal is to make the Revenge Competition known through marketing and communication, to connect sponsors to us and to expand the network. We are looking for longer-term relationships.

Working together over a longer period brings more pleasure, success and understanding to both parties. These are also important points in my way of working and one of the keys to successful cooperation.


I therefore experience my participation in the Revenge Competition as the best way to challenge others and both get better as a result.

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