Each challenge we determine who has the largest amount of weight, reps, rounds or the quickest time for that workout. Same score results in a tie.

You keep track of your own score just as honest as you would on the whiteboard. You enter your own score and we match it to your opponents’. We track and check scores. It’s good practice to film your workout. When we notice faults or abnormalities we’ll act accordingly and can request video’s for verification.

You’ll get workouts to your level of fitness. More skills and technique is required once you’re higher in the tournament.

We throw some weightlifting, cardio, metcon, hero etc workouts at you as you might expect in your own affiliate. The workouts are random picked upon accepting a challenge. So unknown for you and your opponent. Workouts are relatively short so they don’t interfere with your programming too much.

No. We determine the level of difficulty on the level you are in the tournament. When you start at the bottom in the tournament the skills needed are less difficult. As you rise in the tournament this gradually increases.

After a challenge is accepted you have a prescribed amount of time to do the workout and submit your score. If you exceed this period you’ll loose the challenge. When both athletes don’t enter their score on time it results in a draw.

When not described in the workout itself we take the movement standards described on the crossfit.com website into account. Please check there if you’re not sure about the standards.

Your account

In first place we need your basic information to determine your gender, age(group), location and other basic details for registering and processing your payment.

No we don’t. We may use your information to make our platform better or send you personal offers or messages based upon your profile.

Once you’re registered and logged on you have full access to the platform and its full use.

We’re sorry to see you go. Deleting your account is possible through your account settings once logged in. When deleting your account all data will be deleted and you can’t use the platform any more. We don’t refund any fees paid earlier. You’ll have to register again when you wish to join again.

This can mean several things. The system can be down due to maintenance or disturbance in the service. We’ll keep you posted on social media when this occurs.

You could not have activated your account yet. Check your inbox or spam folder for the activation e-mail we sent you right after registering.

You could also have been banned according to our rules of engagement. When this is the case you’ve received an e-mail with more information.

When you have been banned we act accordingly to our rules of engagement. When this is the case you’ve received an e-mail with more information. Please check your e-mail (inbox or spam folder).


The public website is free to use. Feel free to visit and enjoy the content. When you want to participate in the competition we charge a fee for using the platform. There are no hidden charges or additional fees. We’re here to facilitate the competition. Thanks for your understanding and support.

When you subscribe to the competition you pay the fee for the first period. You’ll get a notification before your subscription ends.

You can pay the fee by creditcard or paypal. Depending on your location there are additional payment methods available.

Please check if you’ve entered the coupon code correctly. If it doesn’t get accepted it isn’t valid any more. Sorry about that.


We use a ladder competition in our tournaments. The number of players per level increase by two every level down. Level 1 has only one player, level 2 has three and so on.

You can challenge someone 1 level above you and be challenged by someone 1 below. Friendly matches on the same level take place but have no impact on changing levels.

Please see the answer on the faq under ‘Workouts’.

You can’t find your box in the list of tournaments already? Then your box owner(s) didn’t apply for a own tournament. Please send him or her to this page for more information about opening your own box tournament.

You can join an unlimited number of tournaments. This is if you meet the requirements in terms of gender and age. In every tournament you can challenge or be challenged only once at a time.

This is determined per tournament. This depends on the type of tournament you’re participating in.

This is determined per tournament. This depends on the type of tournament you’re participating in.

This depends on the type of tournament you’re participating in. Please check your age and the gender the tournament is valid for. Do you meet those requirements, please check if your date of birth and gender is entered correctly in your profile settings.

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