Introduction to boxowners

High five!

We are always looking for new boxes to join the Revenge Competition with their own ladder tournament.
Revenge Competition offers boxes a platform that has many advantages to boxowners.

The first advantage is that you can find out who the most allround athlete in your box is.

You know exactly where everyone stands.

The second advantage is that the competition is perfect for determening your progress compared to others. By using the ladder your results are measurable.

The last advantage is that the competition is self regulating, it’s fair and low in physical efforts from others such as judges or video recordings. Random workouts are selected from our database.

The Revenge Competition offers all these advantages and a fully automated fair platform. No extra work for the owner(s), no more paperwork or validating scores.

Participating in the Revenge Competition will increase the commitment of an athlete and give an overview of the overall performance. By challenging himself and others you let your athletes participate in a safe and fun tournament that is competitive for athletes at all levels.

Fill out the form below if you want to open your own box tournament.

Box Package

350/per package

Excl. VAT

box tournaments male and female for the duration of 12 months
1 full access account to the competition
1 referralcode with 10% discount to all boxmembers (first year)
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