De Open is klaar, dus wat nu

Now that the dust has settled and we are all reminded how fit or unfit we are compared to the rest of the world it’s time to move on. But what and how.. The end of the open can be somewhat of a blackhole. Moving back to regular training without the hype can feel anticlimactic.

Reflect and improve

However this presents you with the perfect opportunity to reflect back on your training of the year and asses your strengths and weaknesses. As athletes we tend to focus on the stuff we are good at. And one can not deny the great feeling you get after putting in some heavy deadlifts and settings PR’s. But face it your mobility and gymnastics could use some work as well.

Grow and have fun

Try to incorporate some new movements and exercises that focus on your weaknesses. Combine these with exercises that you feel good at to reward yourself. Because workouts need to be fun as well! This is a great recipe to keep developing yourself and have fun along the way.

But How

Don’t know where to start. Try to think back to the different open workouts. What surprised you as ‘weak’. Was it strength, gymnastics, mobility, aerobic capacity or transitions. Speak with your coach and fellow experienced Crossfitters to setup a plan to improve yourself.

Before you know it we will be rolling in to October and you will have a chance to show how you improved.

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