Sterre Dillo – You can’t make everybody happy, you’re not pizza

16 years old Dutchie Sterre Jil Me Dillo seems to know what she wants. She appears to be both mentally and physically strong. We asked her some questions.

“I am currently in my last year of Havo, so when I am not in school I am at Crossfit Schagen or hanging out with friends. Besides that I work at a restaurant on Saturdays.”

“I started with streetdance when I was 5, and through the years I did all kinds of dancing. Ballet, hiphop, dancehall etc. But I quitted 3 years ago so I could fully focus on Crossfit.” Next to CrossFit, she likes shopping, eating, laughing with friends and watching Netflix.

This confident student doesn’t have a role model in life: “role models are overrated, just wanna be me”.

She recommends others to go to St Tropez, “I am on team summer. The vacation I spend in St Tropez with my family is still very special to me and I have a lot of great memories.”

You have to choose:
Coffee or tea? – coffee
Instagram or Snapchat? – Instagram
Sia or Ariana Grande? – Sia
House of Cards or Orange is the new black? – house of cards
Cookies or ice cream? – cookies

She likes to listen to Ed Sheeran and recommends his album Divide. “I have a very nice memory of listening to this album.”

What are your plans next weekend? “Work work work train work” she answers, “I will never surrender.”
What can you tell us about the last time you were drunk? “I decided that that would be the last time.”

On her wish list there are some noble things:
-Have a happy and healthy family;
-Have one last talk with my grandma;
-It would be nice if I could grow 10 centimeters taller.

Do you want to follow Sterre? She’s on Instagram.

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