Maarten Splinter: talking about Crossfit can take all day

Maarten Splinter (39) does CrossFit for 6 years now. Together with his girlfriend and 3 kids he lives in Schagen (The Netherlands). He has his own construction company. “I work about 40 hours a week and next to being a family-man I still manage to train 3-4 times a week.”.

He gets his motivation by training hard, getting better everyday and discussing workouts and Crossfit ‘stuff’ with fellow Crossfitters. “As most Crossfitters know; that can take all day” he jokes.

As a kid he was introduced to Taekwondo and kick-boxing which he played as a kid. He likes to go out for dinner and go on holidays. “Preferably to a sunny island, good food, going to the beach and relax”.

If he had a time Machine he would relive the birth-days of his kids again “those went by so damn quickly”. Maarten has the names of his kids and some Crossfit symbols tattooed on his body.

Amongst other Crossfit video’s this is his favourite:

Complete these sentences:
Next weekend I will…. “go on a trip for a couple days with my family.”
I will never… “work for someone in paid employment again.”
The last time I was drunk… “I woke up in another city.”

If he could choose anything to wish for in life he wants to qualify for the Games, work less and have more spare time and stay fit for another 30 years.

For the next interview he’d like us to ask Joris Sonnema a few questions. Joris and Maarten are buddy’s for the Belgian and Beach throw down.

Thanks for your time Maarten, good luck qualifying and all the best for you and your family!

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