Hoe slechte voorbereiding en copyrights je kwalificatie zou kunnen verstoren

You have been doing CrossFit for a couple of years and have decided to step up your game and enter some Throwdowns, battles or other competitions. It will shortly become clear that doing a qualifier is quite a different game than your usual WOD on a random Tuesday night.

CrossFit is unique in the way we provide evidence of our physical capabilities, which is through filming ourselves. Almost all qualifiers require video evidence of  athletes who are in a position to actually qualify.

Most people are not quite the cinematographers. Though this may not seem to be required at first, there are a couple of things you have to take into consideration. As in any workout there are standards to meet. So make sure you have a good camera position and angle to show that you are making decent reps.

Other things that might be obvious but might throw you off is a phone with the correct app, battery and empty space. So make sure you have these in order beforehand. And don’t forget to turn on airplane mode. You would not want a phone call from your mom interfering in the last 30 seconds of that 20-minute qualifier WOD.

Another think to keep in mind which is far less obvious is the music you use while doing your workout. The regular way to share your videos with the competition you entered is to share it on YouTube. YouTube has been coming down on videos when it concerns the use of commercially produced music. If you have not received permission from the maker or paid for the rights there is a great chance that YouTube will block your video, making is unavailable for video review.

YouTube will have an option to mute your video, which could mess with your presentation at the start of the WOD. All this could be prevented with the use of right free music. Searching for this on your favourite search engine will provide different websites and playlists on YouTube. Another option is to use remixes as these are mostly not accredited to one artist and can be used in limited form. This is not 100% guaranteed though. So always check if the video is still available after you have submitted your scores and uploaded your video’s.

So keep all these things in mind whilst rocking out to your favourite tunes, recording your next qualifier workout, and good luck out there!

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