Joris Sonnema: I really like to improve myself

“I really like to improve myself. That can be in strength, technique or knowledge. Crossfit makes me challenge myself to do this every day. I really like the fact that you have to be all-round fit and you cannot hide yourself behind a weakness. When I can’t do something I get frustrated and work even harder to fix it. For example, last year my double-unders were okay, but not great. So I did 100 double-unders every training just to fix it.”

We talked to Joris Sonnema(29) from The Netherlands. Joris is super competitive, not only in sports: “My wife don’t want to be my partner with the 30 seconds game because she’s afraid I’ll get super angry when we lose. That says enough I think?”

How many times do you train? “I’m in the military and in training right now to become an officer in the Navy. That means I Crossfit 3 to 4 times in Den Helder at Crossfit Willemsoord and 3 times in Alkmaar at Crossfit Victrix when I’m at home. Besides that I play a lot of sports on the military-base like running, athletics, swimming and spinning.”

As a kid he played judo until he was 24. “I was 5th at the Senior Nationals in 2007 individually and 3rd with the team in 2011. I also won a bronze medal at the Senior Nationals with Russian wrestling.”

Besides Crossfit he likes good food, going to the cinema and spending time with friends and family. Michael Phelps’ is his role-model: “His performance at the Beijing Olympics was just unreal and something I’ve remembered my whole life. Although I’m not a swimmer the way he collected 8(!) Olympic gold medals was stunning.”

How do you start your day? “With the 3 S’s: shower, shave, shit.”

What’s your favourite holiday destination? “I have seen a lot of places in the world like Japan, Hawaii, Iceland, Malaysia, Morocco etc. but for our honeymoon we went to Bali, Indonesia and that was amazing. The food is very good, very cheap, the weather is great and there are different Crossfit boxes in the area. On a good day we trained, tanned, ate a ton of healthy food and drank the biggest fruit juices. In some restaurants they even serve protein shakes :)”

He’d like to revisit his wedding day if he could: “One of the best days of my life.” He doesn’t have any tattoos; “You don’t put a bumper sticker on a Ferrari” he jokes. So you like to laugh? “Yes, I like to watch Dutch comedian Mark Waumans, by far the funniest stand-up comedian I’ve ever seen.”

The complete series of Mat Fraser: The Making of a Champion is his most favourite YouTube video. “It provides a good inside in what he did and does to be the best of the best.”

On Spotify he likes to listen to ‘Beerpongs & Bentleys’ by Post Malone. “It reminds me of my trip through Iceland.”

Compete the sentences:
This weekend I will… “have 3 good training sessions, clean up the barn and meet up with some old military buddies.”
I will never… “stop working out or being active in some kind of sport.”
The last time I was drunk… “I had a good evening with my best friends.”

If he could do 3 wishes they’d be these:
1. Healthy family
2. A house on Bali, Canggu.
3. Travel more

Thomas Jefferson’s quote inspires Joris: “If you want something you’ve never had. You must be willing to do something you’ve never done.”

Who would you like us to interview next and why? “Martijn Ploeger, owner of Crossfit Victrix in Alkmaar. He is an incredible talented Crossfit athlete that works his ass off to also maintain a successful business.”

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