Hoe Mat Fraser de 2019 CrossFit games zou kunnen verliezen

Next weekend the games are coming up. From Thursday 1 august until Sunday the 4th, we will be looking to crown the fittest woman and man on earth. The season has undergone some drastic changes and will be impacting the CrossFit games as well.

We will start off the weekend with 148 men and 134 women. These are the top 20 from the open, the winners from the sanctional events throughout the season and the national champions from each country. Recent news raised quite some eyebrows as CrossFit has announced that the field will be cut almost in half after the first event reducing the field to 75 men and woman. They only announced this two weeks in advance to the start of the tournament. All the hard work and money athletes have spend to get to the games could all be for nun after one event.

Along the weekend there will be made several cuts in the field ending with only 10 woman and men at the final part of the competition. The teams will face similar odds, reducing the number of teams to 5. After which events the rest of the cuts are made has not yet been revealed.

Furthermore changes were made to the point system. The lower the amount of teams and athletes are left the greater the point deficit is down the leaderbord. Where a fifth place in the first part results in 92 points. With only 10 people remaining this would result in 60 points. On the one hand this could result in a much more close race till the end, since a slip up from the leader could cost him a significant amount of points. On the other hand someone who is down a 100 points could pick up the win over someone who was dominating all weekend but dropped the ball on the last 2 events.

Changes are not irreversible but, eventually someone could hypothetically win who is not the fittest individual. We will have to wait and see how this actually turns out coming weekend. We will be tuned in, will you?

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