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Good equipment is essential to reach your full potential. Some might even say that proper equipment is just as important as proper coaching. If your equipment fails, you fail. Of course we all have our preferences, so we asked a few of the Crossmaxx athletes what their favourite Crossmaxx equipment is..and why!

Isabelle – Elite Athlete

“My favourite product from Crossmaxx is by far the Crossmaxx Powdercoated kettlebell. It does not matter whether you are a starting athlete, a top athlete, if you are training together or alone. There are many variations possible and it is easy to create high intensity in workouts. Plus they are also great for “accessory” work for after your workout for example. You can train your entire core with them, improve your fitness, but you can also address the smaller muscles through certain exercises. Especially the last thing in particular is very important to do alongside CrossFit in order to prevent injuries.

Especially at home and outside I prefer to train with a kettlebell.

The powdercoated kettlebell from Crossmaxx has a super grip, so you don’t need chalk.”

The LMX93 Crossmaxx® Powdercoated kettlebell is available from 4 to 40 kg.


Bastiaan – Masters Athlete and CrossFit box owner

“My favourite Crossmaxx equipment are definitely the coloured Crossmaxx Competition plates and the Crossmaxx Elite Fractional plates.

It is very clear what weight is on the barbell and it also motivates to lift multiple colours into the air ;).

During competition, they usually work with coloured plates as well and that gives a familiar feeling when you have to enter the competition floor.


We bought the first set over three years ago and they are still as good as new. And to think that they are used frequently every day by myself and the members of CrossFit Apeldoorn.”

The LMX85C Crossmaxx® Comp. bumper plate 50mm – coloured are available in 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25 kg. The LMX95 Crossmaxx® ELITE fractional plates (coloured) are available in 0,5, 1, 1,5, 2 and 2,5 kg.

Belinda – Elite Athlete

“My favourite product is the new Crossmaxx Tactical Vest. I have tried several weighted vest, but this one really stays in place. Even with running or handstand push-ups.

The tactical vest is perfect to make body weight exercises more challenging. I especially like to use it with strict handstand push-ups, because then they suddenly feel a lot lighter without the tactical vest. This makes me feel a lot more confident about the movement.”

More info about the LMX1901.G Crossmaxx® Tactical vest – green. LMX1903.1 – Crossmaxx® Tactical vest plate sets are sold separately and are available in three different weights.

Silea – Elite Athlete

“My favourite piece of Crossmaxx equipment is the Crossmaxx BigBoy Sandbag. In my programming, the Sandbag is included 1-2 times a week, which can be a session with the 40 kg Sandbag or with the 60 kg Sandbag. I think the Sandbag works very well, it is made of nice material and the sandbag is good and easy to hold.

With the Sandbag you can do many different exercises, such as Sandbag walk, Sandbag squats and Sandbag to, or over, your shoulder. For me as a CrossFitter, it is also important that I use different kinds of equipment during my training and not just grab the barbell.

In competitions, the sandbags/slamballs are also becoming more common. When you compete at an event where there are different workouts with the sandbag and/or slamball and you have trained with these pieces of equipment before, it feels a lot more comfortable. You think ‘oh I have done this several times in training sessions, so I have to be able to do it during competitions as well’.

What I also notice, is that my posture in for example the Sandbag squat is much better. During the Sandbag squats I can push my knees out well, where when I use the barbell (front or back squats) I sometimes have trouble with this.”

The LMX1551 Crossmaxx® BigBoy Sandbag is available from 30 kg to max 115 kg.

Different athletes, different favourite products. It’s a good thing that the Crossmaxx offers a very wide range of materials, so all athletes can train with their favourite equipment!

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