The Competition

Start your way to the top!


Once a challenge is accepted a randomly selected short and intense workout has to be performed. This can be a combination of a heavy weightlifting, enduring cardio or skilled gymnastics. The difficulty level will automatically be adjusted according to your rank in a tournament.
Therefore it will be just as challenging whether you’re a beginner or a professional athlete.

The start

Let’s assume you’ve signed up for the competition and are ready to go. If not, let’s take care of that right now. We charge an annual fee for full access to the platform.

Join a tournament. Eligibility is based on your gender and age. In the tournament you can start to compete and challenge others to start your way to the top.

Ranking and scoring

Performed the workout? The only thing you’ll have to do is submit your score. We’ll adjust the ranking automatically.

Inside a tournament

The top 3 levels in our Global male and female tournaments will share a number of cool prizes of our sponsors.

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